Create Custom 3D Stereograms Tailored to Your Needs

Welcome to Torpal Marketing, your one-stop destination for personalized 3D stereograms! Whether you have a logo, picture, or text, I can transform it into an awe-inspiring autostereogram — a 2D image that magically reveals a 3D scene when viewed correctly.

What is an Autostereogram?

An autostereogram is a unique optical illusion that allows a 2D image to give the perception of depth, creating an immersive 3D experience. Curious about how to unlock these hidden 3D images? Check out this tutorial on how to see hidden images in stereograms.

How to Order Your Custom Stereogram

  1. Initial Contact: Please reach out to me before placing your order. You can contact me on Fiverr or directly at [email protected].

  2. File Submission: Send me your file in PNG format. Make sure the image has a distinct shape, as colors are not visible in the stereogram.

  3. Texture Selection:

    • Standard Texture Package: Choose from a variety of textures available here. Not all images pair well with all textures, but don’t worry — I’ll send you the best matches.
    • Custom Texture Package: Have a specific texture in mind? Whether it’s themed or in your corporate colors, let me know!

Premium option: take advantage of MAGIC DEPTH feature for images with breathtaking depth variations.

Premium option: 24h delivery


What You’ll Receive

In 2 days (premium option for 24h delivery) you’ll get a high-definition, custom-made stereogram. To view the hidden 3D image, simply cross your eyes and prepare to be amazed!

Choose your textures 🙂